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Here are the best-selling games on the PlayStation Store 2020 -

Here are the best-selling games on the PlayStation Store 2020 –

What games PS4, P.S.V.R. PS5 Top sellers PlayStation Store In 2020? To reveal it the PlayStation Blog, which released the top 10 spots of the year that ended up splitting between North America and Europe, doesn’t really come as a big surprise.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War dominated sales on the PS5, dropping PlayStation specials such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morals, Demons Souls and Sockboy: A Big Adventure. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla performs well, finishing third in both regions, while it is interesting to note that Immortals Phoenix Rising has been mismanaged in both columns.

The PS4 rankings are completely different: the latest Call of Duty was originally in North America only, in Europe Ranking FIFA 21 dominates, followed by FIFA 20. The GTA V appears here, second in Northern Europe and third in Europe. The Lost of S2 only appears in the sixth (US / Canada) and eighth (Europe), while Ghost of Sushma seems to have convinced Americans (out of the top 10) (fifth place) more than Europeans.

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Reduce costs accordingly PSVR, Its rankings did not deliver any big news. Pete Saber ranks first in both regions, followed by the work simulator. Keep in mind that the Marvel Iron Man VR blockbuster is in tenth place in North America and in the top 10 in Europe, which is a sign not to be too sure.

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