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In the game world, "Thedas" is a temporary acronym for

In the game world, “Thedas” is a temporary acronym for

The world of video games often hides secrets, and today we have discovered one. The Dragon Age system, as it is called Theedas, Took its name from a Temporary contraction is fixed. To illustrate what happened, Dragon Age David Gaider is the lead writer and creator.

Precisely, Thedas was born TheDAS, Or “The Dragon Age System” (meaning “Dragon Age System”). This is not a real name, but just a tentatively selected abstract to represent the game world.

Geiter, Responding to a user on Twitter, wrote: “I still remember the meeting when we (reluctantly) decided to use the temporary name ‘TheDAS’ because there was nothing else”. “We’ve been using this temporary name locally for years, and we’re clearly learning what temporary names should (and should not be).”

Geiter continues to explain Why the Dragon Age game world has been given a temporary name Beginning of development: “Because (if I remember correctly) James Olen had a name he wanted to use and it … I didn’t like it very much,” Geiter wrote. “But he was my boss at the time, so I certainly would not deny him and call him any other way.”

Kaiter also revealed that Theedas It’s not just a temporary name It became part of the story of the Dragon Age: “I actually followed the same strategy for the Kunaris. When I first created their name, no one believed it,” he explained. “‘Looks like the Canary!’ Knowing what had happened to ‘Thedas’, I said,’ Let’s keep Gunari as a temporary name and go back to it in 6 months’ time. ‘ We did it, and voila. Gunari was “.

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