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How to install the new Windows Media Player today

How to install the new Windows Media Player today

Last November, Microsoft released a new version of Windows Media Player to its Insider program members to preview its Media Player within the Windows Insider Developer Channel.
At that time, Microsoft decided to launch a newer version of its media player, Groove Music, with another native media player installed on Windows 11.

But Mountain View seems to have changed its plan. People at Reddit have actually pointed out that Groove Music is no longer accessible and has been replaced by the new Windows Media Player.
The good news is, this new version of Microsoft’s multimedia player can be installed on the standard version of Windows starting today. Here’s how.

Find out more in the video:

1. Check your Windows 11 version

Get started by verifying the build number of Windows 11 installed on your computer. For the new Windows Media Player to work, your PC must be running Windows 11 21H1 build 22000.376.

To check your Windows version, use the keyboard shortcut Windows + R, Then in the Run window, type The winner.

A window About Windows Opens, allowing you to verify the build number of Windows 11 installed on your computer.

2. Download the update file

To install the latest version of Windows Media Player, you must first obtain the Groove Music installation file, which can be updated to switch to the new Windows Media Player.

To do this, go From your web browser. It is an online site capable of generating download links for applications provided in the Microsoft Store.

Then copy and paste the Groove Music download link ( In the text field displayed in the center.
Then click on the drop-down menu R.P. And change the value Fast.
Finally, click the check mark on the right to create the download link.

In the long list of files that appear, locate the named file Microsoft.ZuneMusic_11.2111.54.0_neutral_ ~ _8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle Click on it to download the corresponding file which weighs 35.74 MB.

3. Open the file

Now open the file you downloaded by double clicking on it. A window Update the media player Then should appear on the screen.

Click the button Update Download and install Windows Media Player.

After the installation, a preview of the new Windows Media Player will open on your computer.

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