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According to the journalist this generation is not the big finale fantasy on the Xbox Series X and S |  Xbox One

According to the journalist this generation is not the big finale fantasy on the Xbox Series X and S | Xbox One

Are Xbox console owners going to say goodbye to any new chapter of ultimate fantasy games in this generation? Anyway, says VGC journalist Jordan Midler.

It all started 30 years ago

The ultimate fantasy on our PCs and home consoles, this is a story that has been going on since 1987. For almost a decade, proprietary games were considered exclusively for the Nintendo brand (the final Fantasy I to VI were released at engine manufacturers).

The development of Final Fantasy VII even began on Super Nintendo, until differences with the Japanese company Square Enix chose Sony and its PlayStation as their new home.

Over the years, things have changed a little. Final Fantasy XIII For example it was released the same way on the Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XV On the Xbox One, old games can be found today in Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft stores.

Obviously, even if the owners of competing consoles win their case, Sony has always been a priority in this regard. But there will always be a “but” in this kind of story.

Square would certainly have chosen Sony for the future of Final Fantasy

According to the journalist Jordan Mitler The VGC site, Square Enix, is said to have decided to stop the betrayal at Sony. Makes new Final Fantasy games exclusively for PlayStation for a long time. Here is what he says:

Most squared things end up on the Xbox, but I have no confidence in Final Fantasy until something changes. Sony wants the PlayStation to be the home of Final Fantasy in this generation. Final Fantasy VII should have already arrived on the Xbox, but this is where we are today.

The reporter added that Square Enix is ​​clearly on Sony’s side and more than is being publicly stated. In this context, Final Fantasy XVI So the light can never be seen in Microsoft’s ecosystems, although hope will last as long as nothing is official. We can also see that Final Fantasy VII remake Its PlayStation exclusive is no longer available on the Xbox after the expiration date.

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On the other hand, we can reasonably assume that Final Fantasy XVI will be available by itself Our computers At one point. The first trailer for the game also quoted the platform before the note was withdrawn, and the journalist mentions that Square Enix still wants to bring its games to the PC.

Note that this rumor only applies to the main chapters of the franchise. There is no indication that this will be the case for future additional opus. Further, The Stranger of Paradise: The Original Fantasy Origin Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Scheduled for S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on March 22nd.