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Pour utiliser la carte vitale dématérialisée en Sarthe, il faudra télécharger l'application ApCV sur son smartphone.

In Sardis, the main card is being tested from October

The health insurance card will expire soon, at least in plastic form … from October 1, 2021, 10 departments including Sart Can be tested The main card made of dematorial, According to an order published in the official journal on July 30th. A key card that is direct Stored on the smartphone It can then be used by health professionals in Sardis. Former Health Minister Agnes Putin has set out with a “digital road map for health” that if the device proves successful, Generalized throughout France in 2023.

How does it work?

From October 1, Sardois volunteers will be able to download An application called “APCV” On their smartphone. Once the download is complete, you should proceed Three steps. Enter his Social Security number, send a video capture of his ID card, and finally send a video selfie with face gesture to prove his true identity. Once the elements have been checked and verified, the dematerialized main card will be activated. From there, you no longer have to present your plastic key card to your doctor, pharmacist or ophthalmologist, you just need to open your smartphone with the application and use it for the reader.

What does this approach?

Like the classic main card, the dematerialized version provides access to refunds for services and medical procedures, but not to a digital health location, shared medical file or online appointment booking. In October, this application is valid only among health professionals participating in the experiment. For now, the dematerialized card is already in the testing phase in two fields: Ron and Alps-Meridims.

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