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Microsoft may refuse older CPU (security) updates

Microsoft may refuse older CPU (security) updates

From Valentine Chatler
According to Microsoft, Windows 11 systems have a very old processor installed (security) that can be excluded from the distribution of updates. In theory, this applies to Zen 1 and KP climbing.

The meaning of the system requirements for Windows 11 is not yet fully clear. First, there must be Microsoft’s new operating system Processors Gen1 generation at AMD and up to KP Lake at Intel. There was an update recently on CPU compatibility. This means that at least the processor of KP Lake X, KP Lake W and Surface Studio 2 is now supported. Out of the regular Core 7000 processors and AMD’s first gen generation or Raison 1000.

Renewal is not guaranteed for Gen 1 and KP Lake

Anyone who manually downloads and installs Windows 11 via ISO can run the operating system on unsupported processors. The unsupported are not as harsh as they first appear. Now Microsoft has stepped back and insisted to The Verge that it can only support Windows (security) updates CPUs To be provided.

Unfortunately, the report is not yet specific. It is not clear how Microsoft will actually handle such systems. So far, however, the company has shown itself to employees Operating systems often accommodateFor example, when it comes to critical security vulnerabilities. Warning may be a security, so it is clear that even Gen 1, KP Lake and older CPUs are not entitled to updates.

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Since providing updates to all users should not be a significant extra effort for Microsoft, older systems will probably receive updates under Windows 11. They have no guarantee that it will stay that way. For example, if upgrades to older CPUs need to be better modified or if a security hole only affects an older processor, this build becomes critical. Then we need to see how Microsoft responds.

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