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You can install it on your PC, but there is a bigger but

You can install it on your PC, but there is a bigger but

Microsoft is losing weight on system requirements for Windows 11

Windows 11 computers

Windows 11 Computers // Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has come up with a great message for Windows users, before confusing it again. Because Presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft is putting forward the most stringent requirements to upgrade its system to Windows 11 To set aside several machines. Confusion He ruled Microsoft for 2 months based on these conditionsAlso, it is not going to get better.

After several weeks of reflection and probably internal discussions, Microsoft has released new interpretations of its terms. Officially, the company is moving very low in its position, but in reality, it is leaving its commitment, but there is a but.

Windows 11 will allow official ISO uninterrupted installation

The information will not be published directly on Microsoft’s site or in press releases, but company representatives have confirmed that Windows 11 can be installed without any requirements from its official ISO.

If so The correct version of TPM is not enabled on your computer Or if the Raison 1000 includes older processors that are not officially compatible with Windows 11, such as unsupported 6th and 7th generation Intel Core processors, you can download and install Windows 11 on it.

Must pass By creating an ISO download tool or installation keys. Only the manual update of this tool will install Windows 11, and Windows Update will officially refuse the installation.

But no security updates?

PCs that are updated in this way do not follow Microsoft’s recommendations, so the company does not promote this solution. This means that it does not want to provide after-sales service for any malfunctions that may occur on the machine that do not comply with Microsoft’s recommendations.

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Microsoft has confirmed it to The Verge site The PCs in question are not eligible for feature or security updates. In most cases, installing Windows 11 should not cause any problems on these machines, but its lifespan is very uncertain.

Windows 11: You can install it on your PC, but there is a bigger but

True Conditions for Installing Windows 11

Here are the minimum system requirements for installing Windows 11 even with this tool:

  • CPU dual core
  • 64GB storage space
  • 4 RAM
  • RPM 1.2

In fact, we fall back on the “hard ground” of the first Microsoft technical document that disappeared from its site in June.

Microsoft Documentation on System Requirements for Windows 11

Microsoft Documentation on System Requirements for Windows 11

This move ensures that those familiar with Windows 11 can easily install Microsoft ISO without much hassle. Since the introduction of the Insider version, Internet users have already discovered how to manipulate certain requests from the installation system. It seems very reasonable for Microsoft to allow it without officially supporting it.

All that remains is to guarantee security updates for these users. See you in a month?