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In Canada they have created an impressive ice console -

In Canada they have created an impressive ice console –

The Canada He is famous for many things: maple syrup, ice hockey, good relatives of Americans and the cold. To celebrate this last feature, the Canadian division of Xbox has decided to create the largest one Xbox Series X. Completely done Snow. No content, they created an Xbox controller and put it at its feet.

The console is 90cm high and weighs approximately 90 kg And recreates exactly the cubic design of the Xbox Series X. If the basic design should not have created major problems, it would have been much harder to create a gateway for the discs, rear doors, power button and upper ventilation grille. . Even if the latter is stored, this console, for at least a few more months, will have no more heating issues.

The analog levers and front keys are perfectly reproduced and the gameplay positioned on the front of the console is definitely more complex. Account Official Twitter He also said that Xbox Canada will soon be releasing a video of how they built the console. So, if you are interested, we recommend following their twitter profile.

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