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Tomb Raider: The cover of the first game of 1996 has been reviewed for 25 years, it is suitable for a wallpaper

Tomb Raider: The cover of the first game of 1996 has been reviewed for 25 years, it is suitable for a wallpaper

As Citizen Evil And Pokemon, Tomb Rider This year marks the 25th anniversary, And Crystal Dynamics Plans several attempts to celebrate them. No major game announcements are planned at this timeIt has been confirmed that a new chapter is in development, But on the community and fan side, there will be something fun.

Tomb Raider 1996 Dust Jacket Cover Art Brunoch Wallpaper Wallpaper Review

A Special site This anniversary has just begun, and it allows us to appreciate the start of an original endeavor. Crystal Dynamics Has collaborated with many artists Re-create cards of important parts of history, And we will find one work per month in 2021. The festivities begin 1996 Tomb Rider card, reprinted by Branoch Adams, The company’s current art director for 12 years and in 6 games. The Laura Croft The angles marked from the front lead from behind a heroine, always very majestic, perfect for a scene Wallpaper : Except, you can Download different image formats Create wallpapers, Or even the new cover for the game of that period.

When the original Tomb Rider box show was released in 1996 it was iconic and memorable for many who were inspired by this historic gaming experience. My approach to redesigning the parable is to modernize the image, but not to go in a completely different direction.

Pose is about reaction and asymmetry, keeping Laura at the center of the frame with the original visual intent. Courageous spirit and heroic courage are important parts of the overall image, and the inclusion of some of the best opponents in the game seemed appropriate to make that idea work.

Laura’s wardrobe has been updated to suit the practicality and character of her, while remaining true to the timeless look of the original decor. Even now, after working in Tomb Raider games for almost 10 years, I am still impressed by the story of Laura Croft and her inspiring adventures.

Tomb Rider 1996 Review of Dust Jacket Cover Art Brunoch (3)

If you like more modern adventures, Shadow of the Tomb Rider Available from 88 on 15.88

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