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Executive producer Mark Darra leaves Bioware. "The game is in good hands" -

Executive producer Mark Darra leaves Bioware. “The game is in good hands” –

Continuing producer D Age of the Dragon Mark Darra He said yesterday was his last day Bioware, After nearly thirty years of coral life. Darra, in fact, joined the studio in the 1990s and remained there until yesterday after announcing his intention to step down from his post last December. Despite saying goodbye, Darra said in a lengthy message to fans that the new Dragon Age is in good hands and invites you to follow Matthew Goldman and Christian Daily for any information.

Bioware has changed a lot in recent years. Originally due to expansion, resulting in fragmentation, and following plans, now due to abandoning some of it Players. After the farewells of “Doctors” Ray Musica and Greg Jeschuk, it is now the turn of Casey Hudson and Mark Darra. Two key individuals, however a very important legacy, a team capable of managing it independently.

They get their place Matthew Goldman With the role of creative director e Christian Daily Who will be the new executive producer. Darra ensures that his game is in good hands, and we believe very strongly.

In addition to Dragon Age, Bioware also works on the Mass Effect. Did you read our preview of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

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