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In Calabria, a quick test is enough to get out of isolation - Download Order

In Calabria, a quick test is enough to get out of isolation – Download Order

In Calabria, a negative quick test is enough to break the isolation or isolation. This is one of the key changes in the ordinance issued by regional leader Roberto Ociudo late last night. This rule contains new rules regarding diagnostic and testing activities for the end of isolation, the end of isolation and the end of self-monitoring, as well as new rules regarding genetic sequencing in accredited public laboratories.

“The decision to isolate and / or execute isolated swabs – reads the command – and self-monitoring (in cases specified) SARSCoV-2 / COVID-19, as an alternative to the Provincial Health Authority for possible antigenic or molecular testing, with public and private providers, at home, Recognized and / or recognized as eligible “.

“To the extent of the confirmed Covid-19 case – the supply continues – and as a result of isolation, the Ministry of Health (> 80% sensitivity and> 97% specification included) Positive antigen testing that responds to minimum efficiencies is performed by the Health Care Committee (HSC) for this purpose by authorized public and private providers. ) Lists do not require confirmation by RT-PCR (molecular) tests “.

Basically you enter isolation or isolation with a quick test (positive), in the same way you exit with a negative test. No.So molecular buffer is no longer needed.

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