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WhatsApp update should be networked with each other

WhatsApp update should be networked with each other


January 11, 2022 – 9:44 am Clock

The new feature generates speculation

Messenger service WhatsApp is planning a new functionality that will enable different groups to network. The functionality is still being tested, and even those who have so far can only guess at what the update actually does.

Send messages to all groups at once?

According to a report by WhatsApp insider blog Wabetainfo, the so-called communities have been in the beta version of WhatsApp since December 2021. An administrator can create a community just like a normal WhatsApp group and then add up to ten groups. It is not yet clear what this community will be used for.

However, in a new update, Wabetainfo offers a little hint. Apparently created Share A group of “announcements” automatically to a new community. Insiders appreciate that the community administrator can use this to send messages to all groups at once – for example, Christmas greetings would otherwise be copied and sent to groups individually. Team members have read-only access.

Gives Function But it’s still in development, and it’s only a matter of time before we know what communities and mysterious announcement groups are good for. (jbu)

Reading Note: WhatsApp now has three new functions!

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