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The number of hours to complete it is reduced, the developers speak for the third time -

The number of hours to complete it is reduced, the developers speak for the third time –

Developers Dying light2 For the third time, he explained using the game’s official Twitter profile, How many hours does the game last?. Now, the number of hours required to complete the main story is stated to be 20. The total number of hours is 80. Finally, the actual 100% number of hours is 500 hours.

As you can see below, The Written by Dying Light 2 developers: “We would like to clarify our latest announcement on how many hours it will take to complete the game. Dying Lite 2 Stay Human was created for players with different game styles and preferences, so they can explore the game world as they see fit.”

So the film explains that it takes 20 hours to complete the main story, while it takes 80 hours to complete the story and all the side work. This last number has already been revealed, but with the words “less than 100 hours”. Now the team wants to be more precise. Finally, the developers of Dying Lite 2 did not set aside their predictions of 500 hours to reach 100% true.

As we have already told you, the main plot takes about 500 hours to complete the side tasks, but see all possible story selections and all the results (in other words it is necessary to complete the game several times). In addition, all collections, discovery of each place on the map and listening / reading all the conversations in the game are calculated. As always, the player must decide whether or not he is interested in doing everything on Dying Light 2.

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