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Pokemon Go - Valentine's Day Event 2021: Somnium, Somnivora and all important info!  EuroCommerce.D

Pokemon Go – Valentine’s Day Event 2021: Somnium, Somnivora and all important info! EuroCommerce.D

In Valentine’s Day Is Pokemon Co. Celebrated again in 2021 with a special event. With that, the two new Pokemon make their game debut!

When will the Pokemon Temple Valentine’s Day event 2021 take place?

Pokemon Temple 2021 Valentine’s Day lasts not just one day, but several days. So you have enough time to participate.

The Valentine’s Day event begins Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 1 p.m. And running Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 8 p.m..

Pokமொmon Temple Which Pokmon often appears on Valentine’s Day 2021?

One, two brand new Pokemon will be introduced for the Valentine’s Day event. Enters the forest dreams You are a unity stone Somnivora Can create.

On the other hand, the Valentine’s Day event will definitely bring you many Pokemon, which will often appear in the wild. This includes Nidoran♀, Nidoran♂, Plusle, Minun, Volbeat, Illumise, Liebiskus, Somniam, Perschwa and many more.

You create one during the event Girlia du Cardoire or Kalakladi, They learn the “synchronization noise” of the attack.

5 km during the event. Evoli, Pii, Fluffeluff, Togepi, Liebiskus, Somniam, Fleknoil and Wamboll.

Was Raids Concerns, expect Trasla, Wallbeat, Illumis, Bershwa, Somnium and Xiao In level 1 tests, in level 3 Toketik, Siana, Nachara, Cardovoy, Kalakladi and Mamolida To provide.

Be on level 5 tests Lathias And Lathios Your enemies, beyond that, are waiting for you Mega-dub pose, Mega-Ambrose And Mega-carotene For mega raids.

You can also get one at the store Free bundle with three remote raid passes, Exclusive stickers and avatar products inspired by Somnium in the store.

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Other Bonus: More likely to become business friends and get lucky Pokemon while trading. The transfer distance has also been raised to 40km and you will get more berries from the prizes.