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come scaricare super green pass

If you’ve got a third dose of the vaccine, here’s how to download Green Pass

The vaccine campaign is back in full swing; In fact, the administration of the third vaccine dose has recently begun. Not only that, but there has been a significant increase in first doses with the introduction of Super Green Pass. Speaking of green certification, more than one person has wondered how to get it. Those who have not been vaccinated for more than nine months after the end of the vaccination cycle and those who have been recovering from Govt for less than six months have already received Reinforced Green Pass. However, if you are currently receiving a third dose, you will need to download the new Green Pass.

Where to Download Super Green Pass

Super Green Pass is derived from the already known regular channels. So those who have registered with Immune Processor or Io Processor will get the certificate directly between notifications. Another official channel is the government’s exclusive website, which can be accessed via Spid, Cie or Health Card. To get a Super Green Pass from the government website, you also need to enter the authorization code that comes via SMS or email., After completing the vaccination cycle or after obtaining a recovery certificate. Eventually, the green certificate will be available by accessing the Regional Electronic Health Register.

Who qualifies for the Super Green Pass and how long it will last

In general, the new rules have created a lot of confusion, especially in distinguishing the “basic” greenhouse from the “reinforced” one (super green bass).. So let’s try to clarify: Who deserves to get the Super Green Pass? All those who received the second or third dose of the vaccine, and those who received the certificate of successful recovery. The duration of pass from the second or third dose of the vaccine is nine months; Those who recovered took six months but were not vaccinated.

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How to recover an authentication code in case of loss

Anyone who has lost or has not yet obtained an authorization code can easily obtain it through the government website. Specify your tax code, the last eight digits of the health card, and the last vaccination date. Once these requirements are met, the code can be generated and the certificate can be downloaded.