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Effacer le cache de Chrome

Here’s how to clear Chrome’s cache (PC, Android, iPhone).


How do I delete Google Chrome cache to clear all cached files?


To clear Chrome’s cache, open the appropriate Tools page and ask them to clear it. Follow the steps depending on whether you are using PC, Android device or iPhone or iPad.

Do not confuse the history of the sites you visit. If this interests you, read how to clear history in Chrome.

Option to clear Chrome cache

How To Delete Chrome Cache On Computer And Erase All

Here’s how to easily delete cache in Chrome on PC or Mac:

  1. In Chrome, click on the burger menu in the upper right and then Tools> Clear browsing data
  2. To clear everything at once, select “Period” All data
  3. Check the box Cached images and files (And others if you wish)
  4. Confirm by clicking Clear data

How to clear Chrome cache on Android (phone or tablet)

Here’s how to clear Chrome cache on mobile or tablet:

  1. In the Chrome app, open History by right-clicking on the Burger menu
  2. Press Clear browsing data
  3. To clear everything at once, select “Period” All data
  4. Check the box Cached images and files (And others if you wish)
  5. Confirm by pressing Clear data

How to clear Chrome Cache on iPhone or iPad

Here’s how to clear Chrome cache on iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the Chrome app, open History by tapping on the bottom right of the menu
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Clear browsing data
  3. Check the box Cached images and files (And others if you wish)
  4. Confirm by pressing Clear browsing data And then again Clear browsing data
  5. Exit the window by pressing on the top right OK
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Shortcut to delete cache in Google Chrome on PC

Type the shortcut to access the “Clear browsing data” screen:

  • On a Windows system : Type CTRL ⇧ Sub
  • On Mac : Type

Another tip is to go directly to this address in Chrome (put in your favorites): chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

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How do I disable Chrome cache and refresh the page?

It is not possible to completely disable this on all pages you visit.

On the other hand, you can force Chrome to show a specific page without using the cached version (this is called “refresh page”). Thus, your browser will recover all the online files that the page uses (in their latest version).

  • On a Windows system : Type F5 Where CTRL ⇧ r
  • On Mac : Type ⇧ r

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Other questions

Why empty Chrome’s cache?

3 The main reasons are saving space on the hard drive, deleting browsing traces (temporary files) and resolving visual or functional issues on some sites.

What’s wrong with deleting Chrome’s cache?

The pages you visit will show up slowly, however, when you first access them after Chrome has cleared the cache. This is because your browser needs to re-download all the standard files it needs, for example images.

What is a cache file in Chrome?

When you visit a web page, Google Chrome saves some of the files that the page used, so you do not have to download them again when you return to that page. These are for example images, which are heavy, but style sheets (CSS), JavaScript files (.js) or fonts (Fonts)

What does it mean to clear Chrome’s cache?

Deleting files stored in cache in Chrome is called “cache burge” or “burge cached version”. In computing, refinement is synonymous with destruction.

What is cache memory?

This is the memory used by your computer, your phone or your tablet for various calculations and other tasks that need to be done quickly. Cache memory does not use your hard drive because it is too slow. It’s a kind of cache for very fast memory, but not much space. The general idea is the same, but cache memory has nothing to do with cache in Chrome.

How to empty money on Google?

You have to do a lot of shopping! More seriously, do not confuse the temporary storage of a browser like Chrome with money …

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