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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched and landed 11 times: new record

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched and landed 11 times: new record

In May of this year SpaceX A was able to complete the initialization and recovery of the first phase Falcon 9 Rocket For the tenth time. Company of Elon Musk However, it aims to reach higher altitudes and, thanks to today’s mission, tries to achieve what is planned (each first level can fly up to 20 times).

This work was published in orbit 52 Starling satellites Used to expand the service and make it more complete (And profitable) According to official sources, everything went according to plan Falcon 9 Rocket, When the first level returns until the satellites are launched.

SpaceX successfully launches and retrieves a Falcon 9 11 times

The mission, as written above, consisted of the gods plowing Starling satellites With Falcon 9 Rocket It did not start from Florida, but from the Space Launch Complex 4E at the Vandenberg site in California. The rocket launched at 13:41 (Italian time, or 4:41 am local time).

In this, as in other tasks The first stage of the rocket Returned Droneship Call Of course I still love you (Ozisley) Lands correctly Nine minutes after departure. Unfortunately, streaming video from the boat is not the best to appreciate landing, but official confirmation removes any doubt about success.

The same first level will be used in new tasks in the future 2022 and beyond. As written above, it is necessary to point out that this particular carrier has flown ten more times in the past and has reached the eleventh (one achievement) with this mission. SpaceX In this way it can improve costs and make its releases more competitive.

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Falcon 9 SpaceX

Its previous works Hawk 9 (Code B1051) are the initiators of the unmanned mission for Crew Dragon (Demo-1), one RADARSAT, the SiriusXM SXM-7 and then seven Starling missions. A new hit SpaceX And a new challenge to the competition, waiting to understand what it can do Starship When it is finished.

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