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Atelier - 25. Jubiläum

Koi Techmo Adlier – Opens the website for the 25th anniversary of my tower

Adelier Celebrate a birthday! In May 2022, Koi will be proud to be the longtime owner of Tekmo and Custin 25 years The old one now had something for it Anniversary website Set it up Six announcements Promises. The first of these is scheduled to take place online on October 2 during the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Because you want to introduce the anniversary title for the Adlier series, it says in a brief informative speech. Using one Age estimate recently published in Australia We can already guess what it will be. The leaked title is not mentioned here so as not to steal surprise from anyone.

E Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

In addition, all Adlier titles are currently offered at low prices. Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online, Koi Techmo donated to us Seated discount Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Steam. Atelier Raisa: Always Darkness and Secret Disappearance Available for around. 32.99 (45% savings), Attlee Raisa 2: The Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy 41.99 euros (30% savings) for the Nintendo Switch. Other Koi Techmo titles are also available at lower prices, so take a look around the stores. The sale is valid until October 4th. Here You can talk through the current offers on Nintendo ESHAP.

Are you a fan of Attlee and looking forward to the upcoming series of anniversary celebrations?

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