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Comment récupérer ses apps iOS (.ipa) et pourquoi c

How to Recover Your iOS Apps (.ipa) and why it is important

There are many reasons to extract the iOS app from your iPhone or iPod. While holding the executable binary, .ipa file, we can install the application on a Mac M1. Transfer an app that has disappeared from the App Store to a new iPhone, randomly … Fortnight.

Yes, if you replace the iPhone, your backup (iCloud or Mac, which is the same) will not be Fordnight. When you restore the backup, iOS actually downloads the apps from the App Store again.

The complete destruction of an app from the App Store often does not happen, but Fortnight proves that it is possible, including the most popular application nonetheless. Since these models were removed from the store before their release, realize that the Epic game is almost non-existent on any iPhone 12! Game as if stuck in old terminals. So interested in archiving his favorite apps. But Apple does not facilitate the process, far from it.


There was a period Permission to keep iTunes Apps on his Mac are on his iPhone / iPad, but this special version no longer runs on the latest versions of MacOS. Third-party software acquisitions, such as iMazing, we discussed here:

iMazing is easy to use, but like other software like this you need to enter your Apple ID and password to recover your iOS applications. These are actually re-downloaded from the App Store. Although the Swiss publisher DGDNA is trusted and guarantees no access to this information, we may be reluctant to enter sensitive data such as his Apple password into third-party software. .

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If this is your thing, here’s how to get your .ipa using trusted Apple software, Apple Builder2. Available exclusively on Mac, this software allows you to manage a fleet of iOS devices, but also includes personal devices. After downloading and opening Apple Builder2Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Connect your iPhone / iPad with your Mac
  • If this is your first time unlocking Apple Builder, click Start
  • In the menu bar, click Account > Login Enter your Apple ID and password
  • Click Secondary on your iOS device Collaboration > Applications
  • Select your preferred application (which you can use to quickly find the search engine) and then click Add.
  • The application will then be downloaded to your Mac. At the end of the download, a message will ask you what you plan to do with the app (this message will only appear if the app is already on your iOS device). Do not click on any option and leave the message as it is.
  • Open Discovery and go to the folder ~/Library/Group Containers/ (You can paste this path by selecting the menu Go > Go to file …)
  • In one of the subfolders, you will find the .IPA file (do not hesitate to search too far in the tree system)
  • All you have to do is copy the file where you want it

If you have a Mac M1, you need to double-click on this file to install the app (but there is no guarantee that the app will work properly on this platform where the app is not formatted.

As for FordNight, if you want to transfer it to your new iPhone / iPad, insert it into your Mac, open the Apple Builder and click the option to add an application to your hard disk associated .ipa file. I was able to find Fortnite on my iPhone 12 mini.

If you follow it correctly, you will understand that Apple Builder also downloads apps from the App Store, which will not extract them directly from the iPhone. However, Fortnight is no longer in the App Store என்றால் If you have not recovered before removing your .ipa, it is too late.

However, for some reason that escapes me, on my older Mac, Apple still gives the builder the option to download Fortnite, which should not be logical. On my new Mac, I could not recover Fortnite.

Converting Fortnight to iPhone 12 is not easy, but it is possible.

Either way, it’s important to download as soon as possible any iOS apps you want to have with Apple Builder (or other software). There are techniques for extracting iOS apps directly from an iPhone, but they must jailbreak the device, especially if it is not recommended for security reasons.