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Epic game gets RAD game tools -

Epic game gets RAD game tools –

Epic game Purchased RAD Sports Tools, Its name says nothing to many, but its software is widely used (and not only) in the development of video games. For example, who never crossed paths Pink video, Their most popular product by launching a game?

The Tools According to the official website, RAD game tools have been used for more than 24,600 games, but they are in great demand in the world of cinema and television. Often they are preferred over those available by engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine because they are simply upgraded.

After the acquisition MegasconTherefore, epic games have another bang, which will definitely enrich Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Normally you have to pay expensive licenses to access Pink and other RAD devices, but we imagine that they will soon be integrated with Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Only those who want to use them with other engines or outside of video games will pay.

At this point, we suspect that the next step for Epic Games will be the acquisition of some companies that make tools for audio, completing its offer and making the Unreal Engine unrestricted. In the meantime he has bought himself a shopping center, which he will use as headquarters.

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