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Patrick Guo served as CTO and Chief Scientist at N26, a direct bank in Berlin, and now serves as an independent trainer and mentor for CTOs and Vice Presidents of Engineering. Patrick Gua has authored several books, including How to Talk to Technological Approaches, and is co-author of a book on evolutionary architecture. In this episode, we will discuss how software architecture can support business goals in the long run along with changes. As always, questions and comments on the chat are welcome. The conversation on will be in English for the first time.

The broadcast will take place live on Friday at 12 noon, followed by a recording of the episode. During the live stream, questions can be answered via twitch or YouTube chat, A wewolff for a twitter Or anonymously with the form Videocast website bring it. is a videocast featuring Eberhard Wolf, blogger and podcaster Developer And a well-known software architect in the service of IT consulting firm INNOQ. Since June 2020, 28 episodes have been created that illuminate different parts of the software framework – sometimes with guests, sometimes with Wolf Solo. Binds recently Developer The new episodes are streamed via YouTube on the online channel so viewers can follow the video sent from High Media.


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