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How to import contacts and groups from WhatsApp to Signal

Despite the latest WhatsApp promises, Even if they accept that nothing will change in Europe for the privacy of its users New Privacy Policy It comes into effect on February 8, and many users of the Facebook group’s instant news site are starting to think. Change the application. The alternatives are many, but Signal One of the best candidates if privacy is a priority.

It has been proven by facts The signal does not collect any data In user behavior, it restricts itself to recording only the phone number used to identify the user. In use, it has everything users need: strong end-to-end encryption (the signal takes its name Signal encryption protocol) Ability to create group chats. Group chats and all the contacts we have on WhatsApp are a big doubt for users of the Zuckerberg app: the possibility of changing contacts and groups, Quick and easy, From WhatsApp to Signal? The answer is yes, here’s how.

How to install the signal

After downloading and installing the signal, we will be asked before starting to use it Six digit security code The platform will send to the number we indicated. Due to the large number of users switching from WhatsApp to Signal in the last few days, the time to send the code was considerably longer. It takes a little patience.

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The application asks permission to call and access our contact list. Data provided They will be in use Unlike what happens on your phone and WhatsApp, the signal is not sent to the servers.

How to transfer contacts and groups from WhatsApp to Signal

After installing and activating the app, you can use it to start transferring our contacts and groups from WhatsApp. No automatic process, but It is quick and easy to do: that is enough Make the link Send it via WhatsApp to those of us who want to migrate to the signal.

By opening the app’s main menu on the top right (classic three points vertically) we must first create a new group (give it the same name as the previous WhatsApp group, which will be more convenient). We need to enter at least one contact manually to create a team, it will be easy for everyone else.

We open the panel and open the regular menu, then go to the top Team Settings> Team Link Activate it, then tap Share e We will copy the link It was created.

At this point it will be enough Paste that link into the WhatsApp panel We want to bring the signal and invite everyone to click on it. Those who do not have a signal yet should install and activate it before completing the procedure that will lead them to become a new member of your signal team.