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Tired of WhatsApp?  Here's how to get started with signal safe messaging

Tired of WhatsApp? Here’s how to get started with signal safe messaging

Have you finally fallen and decided to drop WhatsApp in favor of a more secure alternative? When change is frightening, especially after many years of using the same messaging app every day, switching to the signal should not shake your habit too much.

Safe instant messaging application, recommended by Edward Snowden and appreciated by Elon Musk, offers more or less the same features, with the same features. Here’s all you need to know to get started with signal safe messaging.

1. Download the signal

If you do not already have one, download the Signal app first. Available on all platforms, this messaging system protects your end-to-end transactions using encryption that guarantees the security of your personal data and therefore your privacy.

Download Signal for Android (Free)
Download Signal for iPhone (Free)
Download Signal for Windows (Free)
Download the signal for MacOS (Free)
Download Signal for Linux (Free)

2. Record the signal

Launch the app on your device, enable notifications except skipping screens. The signal will ask you to enter your phone number, which will act as an identifier to connect to the application.

After completing this step you will need to receive a verification code via SMS to enter the signal to verify your record.

The application prompts you to enter your “PIN” or “Person ID” to understand a PIN code to protect access to certain components of the application.

3. Send a message

When you get to the main page, the signal should tell you if any contacts in your address book already have the app installed. To send a message, all you have to do is tap the pencil icon and then select a contact from the list of contacts identified as signal users. You can choose to create New team If you want to create a group chat.

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4. Explore the tools of conversation

Like WhatsApp, the app will show check marks by default when your reporters receive your messages but read them. We see many features in the signal, such as those in WhatsApp.

You can respond to a specific message by dragging a message bubble toward the center of the screen, which has the effect of quoting in the reply field. It is also possible to display emoji reactions to sent or received messages.

Additionally, when you select a message within the dialog, a toolbar will appear at the top of the keyboard to allow you to display detailed information (for example sending and receiving date and time), delete a message, copy it to the clipboard, reply to the message, and finally many more in one conversation Do them to delete messages.

For the rest, only the user should handle sharing photos, videos and other files with his reporters, and using stickers or GIFs to illustrate the discussion. Send voice messages or start an audio or video call from the conversation.

If you shoot it to share content from the app with third parties, the signal includes an editing tool that allows you to automatically blur the faces on the image.

5. Customize the dialog options

To customize the conversation options, tap the name of the conversation or the recipient’s name in the two-way dialog in the group dialog.

You will have access to dialog options and explore further All media Communicate with your reporter, search for conversation, process interim messages, manage announcements, etc.

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6. Customize application options

You will need to customize several signal settings depending on your preferences. To do this, from the main page of the application, tap your avatar.

You can change the look of the app, choose to use a light theme or a dark theme, but above all manage your privacy settings, especially to disable reading receipts or the input indicator that your reporter will type when you type text.