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How to hide your phone number?

How to hide your phone number?

If you need to register your phone number for Telegram and then find contacts in your address book that you can contact, you no longer need to use the app and send messages. To ensure that no one can access it, so it is a good idea to change some parameters of the application to restrict access.

If you are worried that your future contacts may find you in the future, do not worry. Telegram usually asked you to fill in your profile and choose a username. This identifier can identify your mobile number on the platform. So it is always possible to find and add yourself by searching directly in the centralized directory.

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1. Open systems

Start by accessing Settings By accessing the exclusive section on iOS and using the app’s main menu on Android. Access the options of Privacy and security.

2. Hide the number

Enter the phone number menu and change the option Who can find my number. Depending on the desired privacy, select My contacts, Or nobody is here If no user knows your number.

This is one of the two options you must choose if you want to use application concealment, especially if you participate in public discussion forums. If necessary, it is possible to add exceptions to this rule. You can indicate that some contacts will never know this number, or rather it will always be known to others.

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