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The ugliest car in the world, reviewed and funded by YouTubers

The ugliest car in the world, reviewed and funded by YouTubers

Wilfreigwin, the duo of automobile YouTubers, is preparing to turn the “ugly car in the world” into an incredible racing car, thanks to a ஒரு 1 million funding.

YouTube has provided more than a million euros from 19,000 Internet users with a curious frog look for a Fiat MPV since the 1990s to deliver a thousand horsepower engine to their multiplayer.

Inspired by the BBC’s reference show “Top Gear”, it was “basically a joke”, explaining two YouTubers, Pierre Chabrier and Sylvain Levy. “We all know multiplayer The ugliest car in the world. But some people are really interested in this car, which in many ways succeeds … “

One afternoon, in a parking lot in the Paris region, the two had a heroine from the 1990s, a pink twinko. “It belonged to a mechanics school that gave us the task of damaging it,” Pierre rejoices.

Sylvain Levy was a salesman with equipment manufacturers Velio and Bosch, and drives the Citroen, an older but V6 fitted one. Pierre Sapphire worked in cinema and presented his Range Rover in black and gold disguise. The two met in Karpool and released some videos from 2017 in the classic style of M6’s show “Turbo”.

Bear pictures, and both videos stop with the humor and kilo vehicle culture.

If not for the comedy Fiat to take part in this project, Michelin will equip the monster with tires.

Wilfrequin brings almost a million viewers to each of its videos, and the car prince Monegask GMK on YouTube. More than 300,000 fans follow their messages on Instagram. And more than 100,000 on Facebook

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Humor and sponsors

It is even more difficult for them to make a living out of it. “We are business leaders. We have been working full time for two years, (…) this is not possible. You really have to brew to make money on youtube. ”

In addition to the advertising money donated on the platform, Wilfrequin is sponsored by non-automated advertisers who are not ashamed of the school comedy and the visual effects of their advertising introductions.

The influence of influence was recognized

Automated brands, which spend a lot on advertising, were previously wary of influencers. “Through Influencer Marketing, we are easing the rules of communication a bit,” analyzes Guillock Toki-Tonan, CEO of marketing company Reich. “We hand it over to an influencer with his own editorial line, which made him successful, if there are bee-poo jokes, or the risk of breaking the car. If they do it otherwise, it won’t work.” .

But brands are starting to come. Both Peugeot Sport tried a rally car. “It’s in their tone. We have fun, sports and the main goal of young people with 208,” says the brand’s press official. “They’re real influencers. People recognized them on the train. They have an incredible disgrace!”

The multiplayer will be removed and the Chevrolet Corvette will receive a massive V8 engine. If not for the comedy Fiat to take part in the project, Michelin will equip the monster with tires, and Go round with 1000 dips.