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The US Rover landing ignites Twitter

The US Rover landing ignites Twitter

The first photograph taken by a NASA diligent rover on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021. – NASA

Rarely come to the red planet, already memes everywhere. The robot’s landing is Thursday From NASA
Diligence Surely
Tuesday Data compiled on Friday by the internet watchdog site and social networking site Visiprine has sparked unprecedented excitement in the twitosphere.

In the past 24 hours, VCBrain said, “more than 1.5 million messages have been posted on Twitter in this regard,” counting 53 tweets per second about the space record in the five hours since landing.

Unprecedented cross on Twitter

When the first images were sent by NASA, Internet users have seen them kidnapping and having fun. They called the monument to Bernie Sanders, a former Democratic candidate for the US election
His coat at Joe Biden’s inauguration,
John Travolta In Pulp fiction Or
President of Emmanuel Macron.

According to Visibrain, this is an unprecedented craze on Twitter for this type of purpose. However, these figures are far from being recorded by other major events, such as the January 6 invasion of the Capitol, which, according to the watchdog site, generated more than 23 million tweets in twenty-four hours (on average 430 per second).

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