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How to download YouTube video to your computer?

How to download YouTube video to your computer?

Downloading YouTube video on PC is not easy because the video site does not provide a dedicated button. However, there are various solutions to deal with the problem.

YouTube does not provide a button to download videos on your computer or smartphone. The Terms of service Do not encourage the use of tools to download YouTube videos. Sites that provide this type of assistance are sometimes forced to close under pressure from copyright owners.

Although YouTube does not support these sites, there is some debate about the legitimacy of these uploads. In France, with the exception of patents, the right to record videos, such as radio or TV recording, is protected by a mechanism that authorizes individuals to create personal copy in the family setting.

YouTube is great for watching videos, but when you download them, it gets more complicated. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

At your disposal are three solutions.

Download YouTube videos with the browser extension

The first method is to mobilize by adding extra volume to your web browser. There are many extensions that have the ability to detect and download YouTube videos to your computer. We can quote Video Download Assistant For Firefox. As for Chrome, it’s very complicated because there are some restrictions.

Chrome is a Google-owned browser that also includes YouTube, making it easy for Internet users to retrieve videos. Of course there is such a module Video Downloader Plus For Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi or Brave, but it does not work with Chrome – the warning extension for YouTube is also visible in the description.

Video Download Assistant
Video DownloadHelper homepage on the Mozilla site. // Source: Video Download Assistant

If you have a problem with Chrome, you have three solutions:

  • You can look for another extension in the Chrome Web Store that provides all company-approved modules;
  • You can temporarily switch to another web browser, such as Firefox;
  • Or, you can try another method given below.
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The way these add-ons work may vary, but the general rule is that they detect the video when the browser starts playback. From there, download options are basically available to get video in any format and quality (720p, 1080, etc.) you want. Conversation may require processing time.

These add-ons are very popular – Video Download Help has over two million users. If the download does not work, you can always try another extension, but be careful to confirm its reputation by consulting other web users’ comments and the overall rating assigned to it.

Download YouTube videos to your computer with a site

By searching the internet, you can find websites that specialize only in allowing you to download YouTube videos, by sending the appropriate link. However, the lifespan of these sites is uncertain, as they are under pressure from the owners and YouTube to take legal action as a powerful lever.

Many sites like ConvYoutube have disappeared from radar screens over time. Other sites are still active TubeNinja Or KeepVid. Copy / paste the YouTube video URL, press the button to begin the process, and choose the format and quality of your video.

As with extensions, the use of third-party sites must be done with special care. It is not always clear who is behind a particular site, and some of these intervals may encourage you to download the software to your computer instead of delivering the file directly to you. If in doubt, proceed.

Download YouTube videos to PC with VLC

The last option, software application. There are many, but VLC does the job well until you follow each step well. VLC is free and open source software, its source code can be audited at any time, and its reputation is excellent. This is a very future resource option for downloading YouTube video with minimal risk.


Source: Nino Barbie for Numeroma