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Tuto - How to transfer your data from Android smartphone to iPhone?

Tuto – How to transfer your data from Android smartphone to iPhone?


Do you own a Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo or any other Android smartphone maker and have decided to buy an iPhone? If transferring your data from one Android mobile to another is easy to handle, the process seems to be much simpler when migrating to iOS. However, all you have to do is follow a few steps and take your time to find your data on the brand new iPhone. Follow the leader!


IPhone page

If you already have your iPhone configured with an iCloud account and some data, the easiest way to restore your initial settings is to be careful to back up the required content. When you take your terminal out of the box, you can easily access the required steps.

Android page

You will also need a WiFi network or 4G / 5G connection as you will need to download the app on your old Android smartphone. Go to the Play Store and download Micrate for iOS.

It may take an hour or two, depending on the amount of data you need to change. So plan for a while and remember to charge both terminals 100%. It is unfortunate if the fuel runs out in the middle of the operation.


We mentioned it above: all you have to do on your Android smartphone is download the Migrate to iOS app from the Play Store or its APK.

IOS transfer for Android

On the left, the Apple iPhone 13; On the right, Google Pixel 6.

On the iPhone, follow the steps to boot the device, including setting up WiFi until you go to the Apps & Data panel, which prompts you to recover your data from your iPhone or other device. Select Move Data from Android.

IOS transfer for Android

Once confirmed, a six-digit code will be displayed: Enter the Micrate to iOS app on the Android device to create a live WiFi network between the two mobiles.

IOS transfer for Android

You have to choose which elements to replace to recover your data … You can add various files stored in your terminal to contacts, messages and photos / videos. Remember to provide access to your messages (dialog boxes open for permission) and other content for which the transaction can take place.

IOS transfer for Android

Automatically download apps approved by the iPhone (available in the App Store and Play Store).

At the end of the process a dialog box will open, this time inviting you to download the applications for your Android terminal authorized by iPhone from the App Store. If so, you will be redirected to titles available in both the App Store and Play Store. Note that unfortunately you will have to go to the checkout for paid titles per unit. On the other hand, your Spotify or Deezer Music subscription will easily switch to your iPhone, but you will need to enter all your identifiers.

Think cloud

After following all these steps, all you have to do is enter your Google password in the email application (or Settings> Mail> Accounts), which will allow you to retrieve all the contacts associated with your account. Gmail. You will notice that the migration to iOS does not detect the contacts on our Android smartphone: logically, they are synced with our Gmail account but not stored in our device’s memory.

The overall process is simple, but not silly. In our case, all the news came, as well as most of our photos, but some folders of pictures were not exported. To overcome this shortcoming, you can go through the system. If you have a Mac, download this content to your computer using the (free) Android File Transfer software. Do this from the Mac to the iPhone found in Finder.

On Windows, you do not need any software to copy your Android contents, but you need to use iTunes to keep them on the iPhone. Finally, don’t forget about Google Tools and other cloud storage services. For example, by downloading Google Photos or any other remote storage service, you can recover your content with the same password as your Google Account.

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