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Download Rebelle for free on Futura

Download Rebelle for free on Futura

Rebelle is a chart and painting software developed by Escape Motion, and is aimed at artists or drawing enthusiasts who want to digitize their work. The digital technology provided by Rebelle allows you to create as many real works as possible.

You can download the demo version of Rebelle for free on your Windows or Mac computer. You can test all the brushes, paints and papers proposed to create your own impression about the rendering of the finishes. The interface is fully translated into French and is very easy to learn.

Why Paint with Rebelle?

Digital painting has made an amazing leap in terms of rendering due to technological advances in recent years. Many other softwares also provide digital painting tools with very realistic renderings (Clip Studio Paint, Artrage, ArtWeaver, Adobe Photoshop, Etc.). With Rebelle you can only access software on a map, without additional features you will not use.

The rendering machine provided by the software is incredible. It takes into account not only the selected pigments and their composition, but also the composition of the brush, the material of the selected paper and its surface texture. Therefore, between oil paint, water paint, field pen or other, you will not get the same result on standard paper, bond paper, soft or hard. If you like, you can test Rebel’s texture engine from its website before downloading the demo version.

In fact, you need to convince yourself that there is nothing better than testing software and its features. The Rebelle development team understands this, and Escape Motion offers you the full demo version, it is not only possible to save your work, you can test everything else as much as you want. Rebelle offers a permanent (or lifetime) license and is not subscribed like some of its competitors.

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What can you do with Rebel?

Do you paint with water, acrylic, oil, felt, pencils, etc.? Rebel has it all. You can also choose your brush, painting knife and many other drawing tools. For water-based paint, you can choose the amount of water in your brush for completely different results. Of course, Rebelle actually allows you to mix colors directly on the canvas.

Be aware that there are hundreds of brushes and other brushes, some in use, others available for free download on the Rebel website, in the Free Assets section. Take a look at the renders and click the download button to retrieve them.

By default, Rebel comes with a few different papers. You can still change the color to your liking. If you need painting support other than the one provided, find out if you can buy hundreds directly from the Rebelle website. So you can recover exotic paper (yucca, koso, lokta, etc.) soft or hard, cold pressed, machine made, washi, hot pressed, handmade, canvas, bamboo and more.