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How To Download Govt Green Pass With Health Card?

How To Download Govt Green Pass With Health Card?

To get Green Boss Govt Many are available Options. The message you received informs you that your Green Certificate is ready: you need to download it or ask your doctor or pharmacist. Using Health insurance card You do not even need SPID credentials.

The first thing to do Web portal Dedicated to the address You must select the option by clicking on the button in the upper right of “How to get certified” Through this site, Then With health card Oh Identity document, And finally click Request. A screen opens allowing you to choose between the two options.

You must enter the following data in the following fields:

  • The last 8 digits of your health card identification number,
  • Card expiration date,
  • SMS Authorization Code (AUTHCODE): In the “Identity Type” field, type AUTHCODE next to a relative number.

Finally, he can choose the language he wants to certify (Italian, Italian and English, Italian ù, English and German, Italian, English and French).

As an alternative to web practice, you can download Green Pass via mobile phone – if you have an Io or Imuni application – through: immunity Insert the last eight digits of the health card I Makes the green pass available automatically (you need a QR code, you do not even need to download it).

Finally, if you are unfamiliar with digital tools, yours is Doctor Or at the pharmacy: You can get a green certificate (paper or digital) by showing your tax code and health card

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