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Windows 11 prevents Microsoft from returning to the Windows 10 Start menu

Windows 11 prevents Microsoft from returning to the Windows 10 Start menu

The latest “Preview” version of Windows 11 comes with a significant change in the Start menu. Microsoft will no longer allow you to change the old version by changing the registry.

The latest preview version of Windows 11 does not allow users to reset the Windows 10 Start menu. This change is no longer possible by “hacking” the record. If it becomes clear that you used a registry change to restore the classic layout of the Start menu in Windows 11, it will not work after installation Preview 22000.65.

Microsoft decides to force users to stick to a new approach to its operating system. This is the result of a great deal of work, many of which are borrowed from Windows 10X.

For Windows 11, the Start menu provides a search box

Windows now offers taskbar-centric icons. In particular, the Start menu is no longer in the lower left corner. It ends up centering next to the icons made then.

Windows 11, the most “productive” environment?

Giant explained last month

“We have simplified the design and user experience to increase your productivity and promote your creativity. It is modern, fresh, clean and beautiful. Everything from the new start button and taskbar to every sound, font and icon is deliberately designed to control you and make you feel quiet and simple.

We have the Start menu in the center, making it easy to quickly find the items you need. The Start menu uses the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365, which displays your latest files, whether you have previously viewed any site or device, be it an Android device or an iOS. ”

In the first preview version of Windows 11, a log change allowed to restore the older version of the Start menu. We are talking about one that uses Windows 10, which currently provides a more familiar environment. This trick is no longer available.

This change may indicate that Microsoft wants to impose a new perspective on the taskbar. It may also be a temporary change that requires maximum testing before Windows 11 is released.

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