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Tempesta solare

The fastest solar storm is about to hit Earth – here are the consequences

A Solar storm It will hit Earth at a speed estimated by NASA At 1.6 million kilometers.

Storms are the result of the flow of charged particles and solar wind, which are now moving towards our planet. Flux will strike the Earth’s magnetic field Sunday 11 or Monday 12 July.

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Forecast Center, variations in solar wind can cause changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. This is an impossible hypothesis, but not an impossible one.

What could be Effects Variation of the Earth’s magnetic field? Storms heat up the Earth’s outer atmosphere and have a direct effect on satellites.

As a result, they may occur Interruptions in GPS signals, Cell Phone Communication and Satellite TV Signal. Interruption can also occur Electricity.

Solar storms can also trigger the northern and southern auroras found at the poles. The aurore They are actually optical phenomena, which are emitted by the solar wind thanks to the charged particles that come from the sun. When the particles face the Earth’s atmosphere they react with nitrogen, oxygen and other gases to emit colored light.

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Reference Source: Spaceweather

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