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How to clean before June 1st

How to clean before June 1st

Gone are the days when you could copy as many images as you wanted in the Google Photos app. This is the digital shelter More than a billion users, Automatically vacuum photos and videos of the people who installed it on the smartphone. But, from 1There is June, an unpleasant little counter starts: any new photo or video will be deducted from 15 gigabytes (GB) of storage, which can only be extended by paying for a subscription to the Google service.

Live this change as quietly as possible, that Google Announced six months ago, It is better to do some small tests before this date.

In the long run, this is quite possible, but in the short term, it is not certain. The 15GB of free storage of photos and videos is very generous: it can hold thousands of pictures. If you use Google Photos, you can check how much your storage space is At this address.

Google Photos storage space is shared with emails from Gmail and Google Drive documents.

Be careful though: even if the path is less than a third, unfortunately you don’t have to be out in the woods to use the app for free for long periods of time. It all depends on how many pictures you create each month.

Currently, for many users, saved photos do not occupy any place in Google Photos because they are not really counted when selecting the unlimited storage option labeled “high quality storage” – which reduces the quality and compression when it imposes precision.

All of these images can be saved for free following the application. This is only 1There is Any new image will be deducted from the free 15 GB available to everyone regardless of quality (June)Except for the rare Google Pixel smartphone users). For photo enthusiasts, often taking photos with their phones and using Google Photos instead of light compression as an unlimited storage solution, the fill path can increase at a rapid rate.

  • How to do homework?

Based on your usage, Google can give you an estimate of the time you left before completing its 15GB, thank you Very clear online tool. If you want to do the calculation yourself and confirm this estimate, know that one gigabyte (GB) of space contains an average of 300 photos or ten minutes of video. According to Google, the majority of users who do not pay for storage will not experience concentration concerns for three years.

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Still, it is better to do it in advance to prevent problems from occurring. Very important question: All your photos are stored “high quality” in Google Photos, so why not count against 15GB? It’s not clear: Google’s settings are unclear, some users have chosen to set it to “original quality” in the past, without realizing that their photos will then be deducted from their 15GB free storage. Others ended up mixing high quality and original quality-patterns over time by switching from one mobile to another.

Until May 31, your photos

Those who choose to mix patterns must reschedule their collection to “high quality” by May 31st.

Until May 31, they can change their mind and upgrade their entire image gallery to “high quality” by clicking “Restore storage space”. At this address. This will allow them to free up many gigabytes: these images will stop being deducted from their place. But from 1There is With the new Terms of Use coming into force in June, this tip will be gone forever. This will no longer allow you to subtract images from the number, but only to reduce the space they occupy.

To free up more space, then it is necessary to resort to the most traditional solution: the main spring cleaning. Provided by Google Tool that allows you to view and delete Great photos and videos – useful if you choose to save infected images elsewhere. The tool is simple and designed to control the risk of accidental deletion. The company will provide a second tool in the coming days to identify dark or blurred images, and then remove them.

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You can also free up space by deleting heavy emails or documents His Google Account : Google Photos storage space is actually shared with your Google Drive and Gmail. Google offers it back there Useful tools Deploy with heavy documents and emails. More serious: To free up a little more space, you can completely empty Google Drive and replace it with competing online storage.

Google Photos storage space is shared with emails from Gmail and Google Drive documents.

Google Migration allows you to recover all backed up files Just check the drive box, in a few clicks. The latter solution is only possible when you are not using Google’s Office software package, and will be content to use Google Drive as a basic storage space.

  • If I want to pay, is there any other solution than Google?

Paying is the easiest solution: you don’t have to do household chores for long. If you really want to unpack your wallet, do you have to trust Google or go to another photo and video storage service? You will not find a cheaper offer than Google’s first tariff offer, charging 20 euros per year at 100GB intervals.

But some will notice that the company is innocent when it comes to privacy. Google Currently certifying that your photos are not used to retrieve information Customize the ads it shows about you. When the company lives primarily on the distribution of targeted ads, will this commitment be kept forever?

If this concern is central to you, we suggest you take a look For Certainafe’s competitive offer. If you decide to move, you can retrieve all your photos and videos hosted on Google Photos At this address By clicking “Export your data”.

  • What about manual backup?

You can save your pictures yourself by copying the photos from your smartphone Computer. But it has two drawbacks: the exchange is painful, especially if the phone is stolen it is recommended to continue to lose as many photos as possible. In addition, it is better to save the images in two places because all the memories are incorrect and the photos will disappear if you fail.

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If you submit your images to an online storage service, you do not have to worry about hardware failures of memories: with them, everything is saved in duplicate. There are many solutions to save your pictures yourself. The most basic is to connect your mobile phone to the computer and extract the most recent images. You can then copy them to one (or more) external hard drive (s).

There are automatic backup solutions. The easiest way to connect a cloud that acts as a personal cloud to your WiFi network, which is unfortunately expensive (from 400 400) is my Cloud Home Duo from Western Digital. Experts want to hand over their personal cloud to a NAS, which is a network storage system that is very expensive and very complex to use, but rich in possibilities.

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