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The first mini helicopter to fly to Mars is ingenious

The first mini helicopter to fly to Mars is ingenious


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It was the first in the history of space conquest: on Monday, April 19, the mini helicopter Ingenuity was able to take off from Mars.

And so onIngenuity, A mini-helicopter could take off from Mars, and NASA engineers had to solve many problems that were unprecedented. Starting at a distance: At 270 million kilometers, it takes 15 minutes to receive an order. It takes another 15 minutes to see the effect. So no correction is possible.

Mars also has wind, which is very thin, representing 1% of the density of the Earth. So the ingenious blades are magnified and measured at 1.20 meters. They change twice as fast as a standard helicopter. The advantage of this low-density atmosphere is that air cannot balance the device. Further, Intelligence weighs 1.8 kilograms on Earth, but it is three times lighter on Mars. The flight on Monday, April 19 was the culmination of a series of subtle operations. NASA plans other ambitious flights at five meters with exit and return maneuvers. She also believes in images of the abyss where the rover of perseverance is located to understand its geography: it would have been the base of a lake four billion years ago …