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Horizon: Forbidden West: Next state game coming soon with new game

Horizon: Forbidden West: Next state game coming soon with new game

Sony has announced the next version of its “State of Play” video format – just like last time – again focusing primarily on one exclusive game. This time the focus is on Horizon: The Forbidden West.

The last edition of “State of Play” was the most advanced of all Ratchet & Clang: Except for the split The PS5 featured a new game centered from the adventure. The next episode of video format has just been announced for this week, which is about now Horizon: Forbidden West To return.

So the Harrison sequel will be shown in more detail this weekend. Broadcast Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 11:00 pm German time; The countdown should begin at 6:00 p.m. Whoever wants to see them will be over Traction Or Web light Can.

Overall, the new “State of the Play” should last about 20 minutes. Developer Gorilla will show the brand new game action straight from the PS5 in 14 minutes. Horizon: Prohibited West was only announced during a PS5 showcase in June 2020, and has since been considered one of the most promising specs for the new console.

The transfer date also offers the opportunity to announce the release date because we are currently waiting for one. So far in 2021 Horizon: The Forbidden West is only planned to be more available. However, it is very likely that Sony will save such an announcement this summer.

Horizon: Forbidden West – Gorilla Talk – EndviglerCommenter

In the new video for Action Roll-Flaming Game Horizon: Forbidden West for PlayStation 5, developers comment on some aspects of the game.