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iPad Pro 2021, màj 5G

How To Download 5G Updates On iPod Pro 2021

With the new iPod Pro 2021, users will be able to download iPados updates on the 5G network, thanks to the new iPados feature that Apple previously introduced on the iPhone 12.

With the introduction of 5G iPhones, Apple added an additional option to iOS, which allows users to download iOS updates even when connected to a 5G cellular network. In an update to the support page, Apple announces that the same functionality will be available on the iPad.

Support page, ” Use 5G with your iPad Explains to users how to manage data connection on newer models of iPod Pro. Now, users can also select the “Allow more data on 5G network” mode on iPad.

IPod Pro 2021, update 5G

By selecting this function, the iPod can use additional data on its various computer functions and application functionality. For example, you can use this feature for better FaceTime video calls or to quickly download iPados updates.

How to enable iPods updates via 5G:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Select “Cellular” and then “Cellular Data Options”
  • Select “Data Application”
  • Tap “Allow additional data on 5G network”

Apple warns that this setting will be set by default for some users with unlimited data plans depending on the carrier. For other users, this must be done manually.

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