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Homematic IP - Talk with Apple for Home Kit integration

Homematic IP – Talk with Apple for Home Kit integration

So far, Hometic IP devices cannot be integrated into Homekit. Talks with Apple should continue.

Homematic IP with Home Kit later this year?

If there’s one thing fans of the smart home system like from Homematic IP, it’s the link to the Apple Home Kit. So far no progress has been made to report here, but one can determine from the response to EQ-3’s support request that something is going on here.

Talks are currently underway with Apple on integrating the Home Kit into the Homematic IP. Unlike other partners such as Amazon, which integrate voice control via Amazon Alexa, Apple’s technical integration is not possible via a cloud-to-cloud connection. Therefore, the technical feasibility is now being verified through the gateway for integration into the homematic IP smart home system. We will announce the time for home kit integration in Homematic IP at good times through our channels.

Sure, you won’t find the right schedule from this, but there is some hope to implement this year.

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