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La Ferrari elettrica del 2077

Electric Ferrari, Cyberbunk 2077 – Concept for Auto World here

A Ferrari Inspired by 312 B Le Mans, the new video game is ready to satisfy the lovers of the virtual world with a completely electric and intensive design in the future. Cyberpunk 2077 It was a huge success when it debuted last December (but now faces various issues given by the many players leaving the stage). This Final style exercise Dell Designer Automotive Liang Bai Anyone who wanted to imagine a car from Maranello to face the adventures of the popular video game, with a style that goes against the trend of vintage-looking cars commonly used in the universe of Cyberbunk 2077.

Ferrari, two electric shortcuts after Prosang

The already known Boy project called his latest work for creating many ideas such as Audi Avenger, Nissan Ferlady 480Z, Infiniti Omahace, Lamborghini Speedster, BMW 2050 Flagship Concept and Jeep Modular Concept FerRAR.exe, A complete electric hypercar that offers many interesting components from a design perspective. On the back, for example, the four-tailpipe design is immediately eye-catching Stretching body work It combines the shape of an aerodynamic appendage (which is somewhat reminiscent of the style of the McLaren Speedail) and the LED optical signature. The front end is also interesting, the wheel arches have larger dimensions and are more similar to the Porsche than the Ferrari. Aerodynamic solutions of side edges and sides allow view of suspension and braking system. With the future spiral design, the choice of edges is also beautiful. An excellent hypercar that can see its dimension in the world of cyberbank as a whole.

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Two presidential super cars for sale

Cyberpunk 2077 video game In the action adventures of the moment, This Open World RPG was able to beat players around the world in a month in the future: Despite the many strengths, there have been negative reports in recent weeks, with many players abandoning the platform, mainly due to stability issues.

Photo: Liang Bai