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How is your computer battery?  Here's how to create a detailed report on Windows 10 (photo)

How is your computer battery? Here’s how to create a detailed report on Windows 10 (photo)

Vincenzo Ronca

One of the basic features of all electronic devices, especially mobile devices Battery And relative Autonomy. This allows us Work or study while traveling e Program Our days, therefore, represent an important discriminating factor Device selection To purchase. In addition to smartphones, that too Laptops Is of some interest.

The guide below will show you how Check in detail The Health status Of your PC battery Windows 10 uses an existing tool Natively sometime In Windows. Below we list the steps:

  1. Press the buttons simultaneously Windows e X. On the keyboard and select the option Command Prompt (Admin) Oh Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  2. In the window that opens, type the command powercfg / batteryreport Press Enter.
  3. You should see it after a few seconds Confirmation message Completion. The description will also show the path where the report is stored HTML. By default it is stored on the track C: WINDOWS system32 Battery-report. Html.
  4. When the report is created, go to the Save folder Open A statement Browser Web.
  5. The report will show you some General Information Including battery level Maximum rated capacity That’s it Current. If you have a PC for some time, the current capacity will be reduced compared to the nominal.
  6. Scroll down and you will see a history Charge and discharge cycles In the last 3 days.
  7. Another interesting parameter i Battery drain In the last 72 hours.
  8. You will find Chronology Of Battery life You have been using the computer for many years.
  9. Another interesting parameter Current maximum capacity trend Parallel to the nominal.
  10. Finally, you will see the parameter that it represents Current rated range As the battery life is initially estimated.
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The Considerations You can do this by reading the report Is different, It is more common to analyze nominal capacity compared to current ones. You can find other ideas from Drain Analysis and the trend of discharge in different PC states. Let us know Even yours Consider.