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Test Zu Staxel - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test Zu Staxel – Nintendo Switch – ntower

Sandbox games have become an incredibly popular genre, especially since the advent of Minecraft, and offer almost endless gaming fun. You are engaging in the consideration of the missing red thread in relation to a particular structure and background story. It’s understandable that this is not a satisfying game policy for everyone, but Stockholm can provide a solution for this group of people – I’m counting myself there. Here you can not simply land on a random island and start, but a dilapidated farm with too much land is waiting to be brought back into shape. In particular, games like Startu Valley have provided a new spring for dusty agricultural simulations, and Staxall offers a similar experience over and over again with the story of each harvest moon or season – including a similarly structured story.

Welcome to Stocks!

Before you move your yard and renovation into the quiet village of Stocks, you still have the opportunity to change your character. Different faces, hairstyles and costumes are possible and you can even set the breed – because in addition to the classic human form, there are elves and “kitsey”, a type of cat breed, to choose from. Your choice will have no effect on what is going on in the game or how the residents are behaving towards you or I did not notice it during the test. So the choice of breed is only cosmetic like all other adaptations. If you want, then you can change your look anytime.

The quiet village of Stockholm provides everything you need to build and prosper your farm.

Lu Blukit PV

Posted in Stockall World, you were greeted by a farm fan (yes, that person is actually called), he will no longer be by your side with help and advice – personalized tutorial. These are the first mistakes Leaf has to make to the local landlord or dealer, and you will gradually learn the game mechanics and the villagers. Fortunately, the village of Stokesall is just a few seconds away from your farm. So if there is a shortage of seeds or building materials, we will help you quickly – if you have the necessary change in the form of “flower petals”. For example, you can earn this by selling your cultivated crops, collecting raw materials, or selling fish that can be caught while fishing.

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In principle, Staxal gives you a free hand on what you want to do and what you should not do from the beginning. Create a barn? Fishing fish and turning it into a delicious meal in the kitchen you built yourself? Digging for valuable mineral resources in a dark mine? All of these and many more are possible. Like other types of representatives, you can earn your bread by growing a variety of crops or raising animals. Collecting collections scattered around the world or completing small page searches that residents teach you can help you fill your wallet faster. For example, a resident who has lost his beloved blue smartphone is guaranteed a reward if it is found. In addition to money, there are also new items or maps to create them for you. Occasionally, new residents move into the village, and you can hire yourself as a craftsman and build a new house accordingly. As already mentioned, you can get the necessary construction materials and decorations from local dealers. Of course, you can collect, process and refine everything you need yourself. Depending on the raw material, it is always necessary to have a suitable tool or even a workbench or machine to obtain a further processed variation of the respective building materials.

When building a house, some villagers have their own ideas about their dream home.

Lu Blukit PV

In general, you can leave the steam creatively in the world as you wish and live your building skills to suit your own taste. Occasionally, from time to time, specific building plans are required and you sometimes have to work according to a map. With the help of a sign in front of the freely selected construction site, you can see at any time what is required for construction progress. For example, an immigrant wants to build his dream home right and the level of landing to fish in the ocean should meet the expectations of agricultural fans. Unfortunately, the desired buildings should not be infinitely large and one frame displays the maximum construction size. If you are building your own home, there are no limits for you – except for the large enough world of Stockholm. Later, the square island expands to include other islands and sights you can see. Depending on the calendar day and time of year, there are occasional festivals in the village where you can pick up special items. It is worth chatting with the residents and getting along well with them by giving them gifts from time to time. This opens up more possibilities in the game for you. If you are not interested in progress and cash limits, you can use the “creative” mode in the game. Not only will you have unlimited funds there, you can fly and enjoy other benefits as well.

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Tireless farmer

A nice game difference to other agricultural simulations is that your character is a tireless worker. There is no limit to the search for any one tolerance or your complete farmer happiness like that. There is a day and night cycle and seasonal change, but you can work at any time and the shops in the village are open 24 hours a day. You can sleep, but it only helps to bridge at night, so you don’t have to work in the dark. The work that arises on your farm, such as watering your crops or feeding the animals, is quick, uncomplicated and requires less attention than other representatives of the genus. If you are in a game with many people online or locally, the whole thing will happen even faster. Here you will notice a greater focus on expanding your settlement and village, and less on actual fieldwork and animal husbandry.

The area around the village is varied and provides plenty of space for the building.

Lu Blukit PV

Unfortunately, farm life is not always so easy and the stones are placed here and there on your way. The assigned tasks are designed to be somewhat incomprehensible. Sometimes I was only able to figure out by trial and error how a part of the building should be constructed or how the land for the building should work. Here you have not picked up enough of the game by hand. More optimization is needed in menu navigation. Working with the controller can sometimes be a bit hectic, you can not really tell which button is currently selected in the menu and quick selection does not show what the currently selected object is. Especially in portable mode, it is difficult to see small three-dimensional logos. With a little practice, the controls eventually work fine.

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If Minecraft’s black graphics usually push you, Staxel will not take you in sight. The Vox-based graphics have a very similar charm to the mentioned sandbox adventure, they are coherent, sometimes playful and, within the limits of possibilities, very detailed. You can find cobwebs in your home, admiring the variety of flowers, insects and substrates, and the cozy countryside of Stuxall and its surroundings are attractively designed. Everywhere you look you can find something and it is fun to browse the ever-changing offers on the retailer’s shelves. If you really want to call a TV your own, but do not have the necessary modification at hand, the next door neighbor can quickly set it up at home. Performance is generally commendable. Throughout the test period, I did not notice any glitches or drops in the frame rate – portable or stationary mode. I avoided bugs and crashes and some loading times are happily short. Overall, the size details of the game have not changed much compared to other sites. The anti-alias should have been only slightly higher. Your walk across the island is accompanied by shallow music, which relaxes in the background and ensures sober study and building.