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A charity effort allows you to draw a character and win an Xbox - Nerd 4. Life

A charity effort allows you to draw a character and win an Xbox – Nerd 4. Life

Via Twitter Bethesda Announced a new charity initiative to be incorporated Starfield Developed in conjunction with Mac A Wish. The winner of the auction will have the opportunity to draw a new Starfield character Xbox Series X. And Bethesda Digital Games.

A This address You can find all the details and offer your offer.

We know very little about Starfield, but for a few hours we know that it is at the center of a beautiful endeavor created in collaboration with Bethesda’s mysterious “space game” Create an option. Bethesda will win the long list of Xbox Series X and Bethesda digital games whoever wins its auction. However, the most interesting thing is the possibility of designing a character, which will then end up in the game he expected.

This is an admirable initiative, which is of double interest to us players: the fact that there are Starfield-related activities means Bethesda is almost ready to launch Advertising tactic Show the game and, as a result, it to the public.

Recent rumors suggest that games like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 will be at the Xbox event in Bethesda, which is the convention that the Redmond giant will hold once Bethesda is acquired. Is there any truth?

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