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Intel ARC Alchemist benchmark

Here’s how to put one together for use with your graphics card

This is the main software SiSoftware He tells us a lot today about the value of the limitations of graphics cards Intel For the ARC Alchemist Generation. Thus we obtain ARC A300 for entry levelThe ARC A500 for intermediate range Finally the ARC A700 for high end.

Intel ARC A300, A500 and A700: Here’s how to prioritize Intel’s GPU lineup

The A300 line is based on the small Alchemist series of 128 EUs (operating units), corresponding to 1,024 programmable shaders. The A500 and A700 series come from a larger GPU. The Intel ARC A700 line uses a full GPU powered by 512 EUs or 4096 shaders.

Graphics cards in the range ARC A300 The 96-bit memory bus runs at 14 Gbit / s and uses 6 GB of GDTR6 type memory for 192 GB / V bandwidth. For the series ARC A500, We have 12GB 16GB GDTR6 memory with 192 bit bus up to 384GB / V bandwidth. Finally, the limit ARC A700 256 bit bus with 16GB GDTR6 memory will always be used at 16GB / s. So the bandwidth rises to 512 GB / s. We learn a lot about how Intel’s GPUs support ray tracking DirectX Ultimate12.

SiSoftware tested an entry-level ARC A380 graphics card (1,024 shaders) via its SANDRA GPGPU benchmark, which uses native OpenCL code. Here, the A380 offers comparable performance to the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and follows the RTX 3050 and RX 6500 XT. To give another example of performance, we looked at the DG512-EU (an ARC A700) on the Geekbench a few days ago, which offered similar performance to the RTX 2070. As a reminder of the latest rumors This high-end GPU from Intel should be rated at RTX 3070 Ti from NVIDIA..

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Intel ARC Alchemist Benchmark

We are waiting for graphic carrots Intel ARC Alchemist For that Second Quarter 2022.