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Xiaomi Mijia S500 Shaver Test: Basic with good ideas

Xiaomi Mijia S500 Shaver Test: Basic with good ideas

No need to hit around the bush: for a razor that sells for 49 euros, the Xiaomi Mijia S500 shows the most impressive build quality. The plastics look good quality and it has a matte black lining that is very pleasant to the touch. By activating the device using the single button on the front, the handle is decorated with various glowing indications in transparency for a very successful aesthetic effect.

Xiaomi S500 Shaver has no cache.

Thus, we are informed about the speed of rotation of the blades, the presence of a problem or the planned maintenance operation (cleaning the blades, more precisely) and above all the amount of charge. The S500 is rather sharp as a percentage point; So you can plan your shaving session without fear of the blades getting stuck in the middle of the cheek. Although the Philips OneBlade Pro QP6650 / 61 has this autonomous indicator, there are some devices that provide such accurate information at this point.

The indicator is very practical.

The indicator is very practical.

The single button on the body of the S500 is used to operate the razor, but to select one of two blade rotation speeds, this option is not very widespread in the small world of electric shavers. Another function of this button is that it is as versatile as it is sensible, enabling security to prevent the S500 from operating unexpectedly. Inevitably it will take time to completely change all the duration of the pressure and not change the power level instead of turning off the engine, but finally get out of it very quickly.

The technical paper declares an IPX7 waterproof rating: so it can be submerged in 1 m of water for 30 minutes without any damage. So it can be conveniently used for gliding with gel or foam or shaved in the shower without fear.

Shaving is very convenient. Firstly, it weighs only 175 grams, which is one of the lightest devices in our comparison, except for the OnePlate model. In addition, Xiaomi has significantly balanced its shaver so it does not tilt to one side or the other due to the weight of the head. Its reduced size also plays in its favor: it fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, which does not always apply to its competitors. Finally, we were afraid that the soft plastic handle used would be slippery, but this is not the case, as its shape (located under the shaving head) avoids accidental fall. All of these contribute to a pleasant manipulation everywhere.

The S500 fits well in the hand.

The S500 fits well in the hand.

Surprisingly, there are very few razors or clippers that can be held upright like an electric toothbrush. The S500 is part of this very closed club, so allocating a large amount of storage to it is useless. Thus stored, it can be recharged by connecting the USB cable to the USB-C port located on the bottom of the shaver and secured with an easy-to-handle rubber cover. Xiaomi offers (small!) Wire, but no charger provided. However, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, connected watches, in-ear headphones charging stations and other game consoles that use compatible hardware, the home must have a compatible transformer. Thanks to this bias, Xiaomi avoids having a useless proprietary charger in the user’s home while the S500 no longer smells of sanctity in the bathroom.

We know it fits better

We know it fits better

Does this S500 have it all please? Almost, because no one is perfect. In fact, we would have liked the generosity of the manufacturer, such as the back-up saw, precision head, and carrying bag. Razor head, a cover to protect it and the popular charging cable.

After a few applications, you have to face the facts: Xiaomi (yet) does not have Panasonic’s or Philips’ expertise in the field of sharpening. As a result, the rotating phases often pull out more than the hair is cut, especially if it is slightly longer and you are satisfied with the lower speed of rotation of the phases. So, we will not hesitate to use maximum speed and avoid using it on full beard if possible.

The head of the S500 facing the Philips S5585.

The head of the S500 facing the Philips S5585.

Comparison made with another model with rotating phases (The Philips Series 5000 S5587 / 10, For example), large cut areas are also placed closer to the edges. While this is not the most important parameter for this type of razor, the user gets a little more precise. The S500’s three cutting circles are not independent: when one of them moves, the other two follow a similar motion. The razor follows the curves of the face very sparingly, even though we are far from the most difficult model Brown Series 9 9390CC.

Thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating, the S500’s head can be sent underwater to remove cut hair. This will not be enough to remove the cut residue trapped under the shaving circles; Fortunately, the top part was easily removed.

Easy to disassemble, the S500 is not so easy to clean.

Easy to disassemble, the S500 is not so easy to clean.

Keep in mind that the various components of the rotating blades cannot be separated, as can be done in Phillips shavers. Since this area is full of corners, grooves, gaps and grooves, it is not always easy to remove all the cut residue, even with the brush provided.

Strong points

  • Well finished product.

  • Autonomy in percentages is very accurate.

  • get up.

  • Universal USB-C charging.

Weak points

  • Lack of additional functions (for example, no additional sawing machine).

  • Shave slightly aggressively on low power.

  • The base of the shaving head without maintenance.

How does standardization work?

Xiaomi’s S500 Shaver is a great product, packed with good ideas like this, for a percentage close to the remaining charge indicator. Sober – perhaps a little more, more options would have been appreciated – and elegant, it would not have been capable enough to ensure a sharp shave without pulled hair, which would have made a good impression in the bathroom unless it had been used with minimal force. .

Supplementary notes

  • Getting Started

  • Shaving

  • Autonomy

  • Cleaning

  • Noise

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