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Guide: Download Torrent on Chromebook

Guide: Download Torrent on Chromebook

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Verification Guide: Torrenting on a Chromebook

Starting on Chromebooks developed in 2017 or later, it is now possible to run Android applications on Chrome OS devices. Most of these, including modern Chromebooks developed in the last 2 years. You can see the full list of Chromebooks that support installing and running Android applications. Today we present one of the most requested applications.

This is a big step forward and will encourage people to use Chromebooks more and more. As I mentioned earlier, most new Chromebooks can now run Android mobile applications, fortunately having the most popular BitTorrent client on Chromebooks in the last decade and running, uTorrent is still stable and reliable. I use uTorrent weekly on my Windows 10 PC and Linux laptop, so it makes sense for me to test it on my ChromeOS devices.

Torrent Chromebook Apps

The four most popular torrent clients for ChromeOS are,, JSTorrent or Bitford. The last two, JSTorrent and Bitford are Chrome extensions written in JavaScript, which means they run on your computer completely and do not interact with the server. JSTorrent is probably the best torrent program on Chromebook.

BitTorrent client applications are not the only way to torrent with a Chromebook, as cloud-based services enable torrenting without having to install software on your device. Most of these sites work by facilitating torrenting on their servers, rather than downloading files directly locally through applications such as Bitford and JS Torrent.

Download Torrent for Chromebook

The best torrent program for Chromebook is JSTorrent. JSTorrent is not free, but it may be better than the original BitTorrent client and the entire Chrome Web Store. JSTorrent is a Chrome extension that actually runs on a Chromebook and not through a web server. JSTorrent is at the forefront of Chrome OS BitTorrent gaming so far.

Meanwhile, the alternatives are mostly cloud based. Instead of downloading torrents locally, you can add them to an online account that handles fancy transfers and then stream / download the entire file directly from that service. There are many services like this, but there are currently two services on my radar:

Using JSTorrent to download torrents on Chromebook is easy. Once you find the link for the torrent you want to download, open JSTorrent and paste it into the search bar. Alternatively, you can download a torrent file directly to your computer and open it using JSTorrent, which will start the download process.

The new and improved JSTorrent is a BitTorrent client for Chrome that easily downloads torrent files. You can download torrents directly into your downloads folder and easily manage large files (multi-gigabyte files). It also works well on smaller ARM Chromebooks.

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