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Spiritfarer Beverly Update

Spiritualist: Beverly update released with new content and improvements – ntower

This is from August 31st Spiritualist A new update is available, which brings new content and various improvements. As a highlight, you will have a new character Beverly – A small owl you can find in Oxbury. The game is now included in her home and completely new search line.

There are more More functions Has been connected. For example, you can use the three games you just saved. An archive room – a new station you can control – helps store old documents. Through “Bucks Lutter’s Literary Reviews” you can find new magazines with many searches with treasure maps. A radio is also included in the lounge, and seven fresh, spicy dishes are waiting to be cooked for you. You can find more details, especially on the many improvements made, at Official website. You can also get a short overview in the related trailer:

By the way, if you miss it: you just got one on iam8bit recently Collector Edition To order to the spiritual. You can find all the information about this in us Related article.

Have you already checked out the new Spreadfire update? How do you like it so far?

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