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He knows what you like and already downloads the content before you ask him

What is on current sites, everything we do, we view, select, visit and navigate (through their menus), They think they can guess what we will experience next. Be it an episode, a film or a documentary. So Netflix has introduced a feature that will be very useful for everyone who does not know where to go when finishing a series.

Although we already told you about this feature a few months ago, when the Americans tested one of its beta versions, it Now it has begun to reach all accounts in a common way Since we have to do it specifically, it will not be implemented as standard.

Netflix knows what you want before you do

In the “Download” tab at the bottom of the application on your smartphone you can activate the new function “Download for you”. There, you will find this new feature that you can implement If you want Netflix to get down to your favorite business download content Long before we could find them.

The idea is that When you see something else, the application will select possible alternatives Continue to enjoy any Netflix content. Apparently, behind such a movement, competition from all platforms for our free time prevents us from jumping from one to another and reducing the percentages of views.

According to P. Adrick Fleming, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, “Are you a long-time comedy comedian or a romantic comedian without the internet? We do the work, so there is always something new waiting to entertain you Make him happy. “As you can imagine, this feature mostly uses our view history, and we need to make sure that there is enough space for the app on the smartphone to download everything.

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This function This is an evolution beyond a smart download Netflix already had, and allowed the app to download episodes of a series we were looking forward to, delete them when finished. Regardless of whether we have mobile coverage or a WiFi network to connect to, watching the series, movies and documentaries at any time is a practice that guarantees us.