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DeVolver brings the digital "Boomerang X" to PC and Nintendo Change This Spring - PC Demo Available

DeVolver brings the digital “Boomerang X” to PC and Nintendo Change This Spring – PC Demo Available

Hipsters from Upstate New York, Dong! And wing activists Return to Digital Announce it today Boomerang X, An action-packed FPB (first-person boomerang) after Nintendo Switch and PC this spring Steam Appear. To celebrate, the Dynamic Duos have unveiled a new gameplay trailer!

Blow your way through the air, then slow down your time using the power provided by the defeated creatures and lower your way through the swarm of dark men with a razor-sharp boomerang. Travel through the once-alive places sacrificed for the protection of a myth and descend the path of the gods to the lost areas. Clear these halls and make sure the ones underneath never come back.

“It’s a boomerang, you can’t be brought back by nerds,” commented Forver Parker, DeVolver Digital CFO.

You fly elegantly to more revolutionary expressions And as follows v Devolvertigital And ideeideodang On Twitter. This second download also requires a Steam-enabled Boomerang X demo to unlock instant rewards including extreme luck and endless joy.

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