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HDMI 2.1a is here, which will convert your movies and video games

With HDMI 2.1a comes a new feature called Source-Based Tone Mapping (SBTM) to improve HDR handling.

HDMI 2.1a is here, which will convert your movies and video gamesComes from the administrator of HDMI licensesAds A new HDMI standard. Say goodbye HDMI 2.1, And hello to HDMI 2.1a.

In fact, as its name implies, HDMI 2.1a takes on all the features of HDMI 2.1, but adds a small one, creating a new round certificate. This new feature is called Source Based Tone Mapping (SBTM). We explain to you what this can improve.

What is Source Based Tone Mapping (SBTM)?

This is the feature that enhances the experience HDR. The idea is as follows:

“Sometimes a source device must combine different types of content (HDR, SDR, Dynamic HDR, graphics) at the same time. Writes body responsible for HDMI standards. For example, when you view the menu of video thumbnails a Video streaming service, Some thumbnails may be HDR and others SDR, and the menu is rendered with graphics. Improving the quality of the integrated content requires processing on the source device, which cannot be done on the screen. “

Clearly, the SBTM source will allow (a box, a PC Or a Console For example) Sending a customized video signal before sending it to you TV Or yours To monitor. For example, we think a PC gamer has a screen with a beautiful HDR display and text on the other hand. “Like other HDR technologies, SBTM allows the source to adapt to a specific screen, rather than accepting standard color and brightness limits”, Adds layout.

SBTM does not replace standards such as HDR10 or HLG, but offers additional capabilities for HDMI.

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Do I need to buy a new device to use it?

Often, we will answer you that it depends. The HDMI Licensing Administrator writes on his site that this new functionality can be added to TVs and devices by updating their firmware. However, nothing compels the manufacturer of your device to perform the said update.

In addition, like some of the features offered by HDMI 2.1, SBTM will be an optional feature of HDMI 2.1a. Just because a device has an HDMI 2.1a port does not mean that it has SBTM. However, if this happens the manufacturer will definitely indicate its presence. Otherwise, it is better to assume that SBTM does not exist.

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