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HDMI 2.1a Introduces Source Based Tone Mapping (SBTM) – Hardware

HDMI 2.1a is expected to be at CES 2022, and it still is Although many companies have been canceled To be held on site, is provided in more detail. According to those in charge, the new standard will by no means be called source-based tone-mapping (SBTM). It can also be submitted through firmware updates for already released devices. Eventually, new technology will improve tone mapping.

For example, HDMI LA itself is a streaming provider. B. Sends a video in HDR, thumbnail images are available in SDR, while the menu overlay is displayed as a graphic surface. In such cases, the TV set and monitors will all display on the SDR or HDR. However, with SBTM, that is, tone mapping on the playback device, perfect adjustment can be made to all individual elements.

The image above shows a simulated example. With SBTM, additional details will be recognizable and the snow will not be “too much”. However, this only works if the tone mapping is done at the source, not through the TV or monitor. In the background is the SPDM. So it is clear that this is not the new HDR standard or image mode by any means.

The principle is similar to HGiG because it is used for games, but is more widely used for a variety of content. It can be connected to TVs, monitors, projectors, PCs, game consoles and set-top boxes. However, the decisive factor is that both the player and the regenerative display must be proficient in SBTM. No new cables required, existing HDMI cables can still be used.

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