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Alfa Romeo Donalley, the first video teaser to appear (but they are older films)

Alfa Romeo Donalley, the first video teaser to appear (but they are older films)

Alfa Romeo Donale of course One of the cars Highly anticipated in 2022. This is a very important model for the Italian brand Start the strategy again. As we have known for some time, The The introduction was postponed for a few months By the will of the newcomer CEO Jean-Philippe Learned Let the technicians further refine the car, in particular, the plug-in version will be very important.

We saw over time Spy photo of Donnelly And some rumors came About its possible properties And in engines offered by Alfa Romeo. However, we never saw real photos of the car. Now, at Christmas time, the Italian brand wants to give its fans a little “welcome gift”. The CEO shared a short video via his Twitter profile, in which he describes his first 11 months at the helm of Picion.

For example, the fantastic video showing Giulia GTAm, Giulia and Stelvio. Also, the video is reminiscent of Mille Miglia and participating in the Formula 1 World Championship.But the most interesting part of the video is the result. When it comes Will be electrified in the future, At twilight You can see the new Tonale. There are some frames, but it is enough to see the front and especially the rear of the new car.

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Thanks for the recommendation of our user Johnny, We found that the images used were similar to those in the Geneva presentation. At this point one wonders: did they do it because the design looks like the concept, or is the Alfa Romeo still not ready to release the final version, but does it want to keep more attention?

Tonale, of course, will be provided with other machines. All that remains is to wait for its official presentation to discover all its secrets. We remind you that the car was built from the platform of the Jeep Compass and has smaller dimensions than the Stelvio.